Find a Provider

Choosing a medical provider is a personal choice.

Just keep in mind when you use in-network providers, you receive a higher level of benefit and generally pay less for care. To find a provider, please click on your medical vendor below. You must be logged in to My Lowe’s Life to access the vendor’s website. If you are not logged in to My Lowe’s Life, you will be prompted to enter your employee ID and password.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

Kaiser of California (statewide)

Kaiser of Colorado

Kaiser of Georgia

Kaiser of Hawaii

Kaiser of the Mid-Atlantic

Kaiser of Oregon 

UnitedHealthcare (member)

UnitedHealthcare (non-member)

Note that:

UHC Plans (Network: UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus)

UHC Out-of-Area Plans (Network: UnitedHealthcare PPO)

UHC plans in Massachusetts and New Hampshire (Network: UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus with Harvard Pilgrim)