Accident Important Information

Important information about the full-time accident insurance plan:

  • Accident insurance provides coverage for accidental off-the job injuries and does not cover injuries that occurred as a result of an on-the-job accident.
  • The plan does not pay benefits for any loss incurred by a covered person as a result of:
    • An injury that occurred as the result of an on-the-job accident
    • Injury incurred prior to the covered person’s effective date of coverage subject to the Time Limit for Certain Defenses provision
    • Any act of war, whether or not declared, participation in a riot, insurrection or rebellion
    • Attempted suicide, while sane or insane
    • Any injury sustained while being under the influence of alcohol or any narcotic or controlled chemical substance unless administered upon the advice of a physician
    • Dental or plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes except when such surgery is required to treat an injury or correct a disorder of normal bodily function that was caused by an injury
    • Participation in any form of aeronautics except as a fare-paying passenger in a licensed aircraft provided by a common carrier and operating between definitely established airports
    • Committing or attempting to commit an assault or felony
    • Driving in any organized or scheduled race or speed test or while testing an automobile or any vehicle on any racetrack or speedway
    • Any injury incurred while a covered person is an active member of the military, naval, or air force of any country or combination of countries is not covered. Upon notice and proof of service in such forces, Allstate Benefits will return the pro-rated portion of the premium paid for any period of such service.
  • Deductions for accident insurance are made on an after-tax basis every pay period. If the deduction is not made because you have not worked enough hours, the cost of the coverage will be deducted from your next available paycheck unless you live in CA, CT, DE, MN, NV, or VA. If you live in one of these states or you are on an approved leave of absence, you will be billed at your home address on file. In addition, if you live in one of these states and your coverage was terminated for non-payment, you will be required to pay unpaid premiums before you can re-enroll in the plan.
  • Accident insurance does not provide benefits for death and/or accidental dismemberment.
  • The plan is portable and can be continued if the eligible employee’s coverage terminates.