Pre-Paid Legal Important Information

Important information about the Pre-Paid Legal plan:

  • Although you have flexibility to use any attorney, covered legal services are provided with no additional attorney fees when you use an in-network attorney.
  • You are reimbursed for covered services according to a set fee schedule when you use out-of-network attorneys.
  • When you call Hyatt Legal Plans, a Client Service Center representative will find an attorney in your area to help with your legal needs.
  • Some plan attorneys can meet with you in the evenings or on Saturdays.
  • After your initial eligibility period, you can enroll in the pre-paid legal plan or cancel your enrollment during annual enrollment only.
  • Deductions for pre-paid legal are made on an after-tax basis every pay period. If the deduction isn’t made because you don’t work enough hours, the cost of the coverage will be deducted from your next available paycheck unless you live in CA, CT, DE, MN, NV, or VA. If you live in one of these states or you are on an approved leave of absence, you will be billed at your home address on file. In addition, if you live in one of these states and your coverage was terminated for non-payment, you will be required to pay unpaid premiums before you re-enroll in the plan.