Fixed Indemnity

Lowe’s is pleased to offer part-time employees the Fixed Indemnity plan. The Fixed Indemnity plan, administered by Allstate, provides protection by giving cash benefits to help cover the cost of common medical services, such as hospitalization and ICU confinement.

There are no pre-existing condition limitations on the Fixed Indemnity benefit.

Please note: the Fixed Indemnity plan does not meet the minimum standard for health coverage through the Affordable Care Act. If part-time employees only enroll in the Fixed Indemnity plan and not other medical coverage through Lowe’s, they would need to get health coverage from an outside provider in order to meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act and not be subject to the individual mandate penalty.


Service Benefit
Initial Hospital Admission$500
Daily Hospital Confinement$350; Maximum of 10 days per confinement; not paid for any day the Initial Hospital Admission benefit is paid
Intensive Care$350; Maximum of 10 days per confinement; paid in addition to Daily Hospital Confinement and Initial Hospital Admission