New Hire

Welcome to Lowe’s! We are excited to have you join the Lowe’s team. Your HR Manager or Coach will discuss the benefits available to you, but we also wanted to provide you with answers to some commonly asked questions.

Am I eligible to enroll in part-time benefits?

Regular part-time employees are eligible to enroll in the Medical, Dental, Vision, Short-Term Disability, Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Fixed Indemnity, Accident, 401(K), and Employee Stock Purchase Plans. Employees who live and/or work in Massachusetts and employees who work in New Hampshire or Minnesota are not eligible to enroll in part-time benefits except the 401(k) and Employee Stock Purchase Plans.

How long do I have to enroll in benefits?

Employees must enroll within 31 days of their hire or re-hire date. Elections made after the 31st day will not be accepted. After 31 days, they cannot enroll unless they have a qualified status change.

When will my benefits start?

An employee’s part-time benefits are effective the date the enrollment is completed.

What should I enroll in?

Lowe’s cannot provide advice or guidance on what plans to enroll in, but we do make the following recommendations for all new part-time employees as they consider their choices:

Do now:

Review our Medical, Vision, and Dental plans.

Determine which plans are best for you and your family. Once you’ve made your decisions, click here to enroll. If you are not logged in to My Lowe’s Life, you will be prompted to enter your employee ID and password.

Review Life Insurance and other voluntary benefits (Short-Term Disability, Critical Illness, Fixed Indemnity and Accident).

Life insurance and voluntary benefits may provide additional financial protection for employees and their families. Discover the different voluntary benefits available by reviewing the benefit options under the “Benefits” tab.


Contacting the Family Assistance Program.

Call the Lowe’s Family Assistance Program to help manage stress, ease into a work/life balance, find childcare, or receive counseling.  To get started call 1-877-543-3875.

Reviewing 401(k), Employee Stock Purchase Plan options.

Consider enrolling in Lowe’s 401(k) and the Employee Stock Purchase Plan Lowe’s matches some 401(k) contributions and also offers discounted company stock to employees. Click here for 401(k) and here for Employee Stock Purchase Plan details.

Employees can learn more about the benefits available by researching their choices on this site. If they have a qualifying status change, they should consider the My Life tool as well. They may also want to visit the New Employee Exchange community on Connections.