Qualified Life Events

Based on IRS rules, you can generally make changes during the plan year only if you have a qualified change in your family or employment status. Qualified life events are also referred to as family status changes or life events.

Approved qualified changes include:

All qualified changes must be consistent with the eligible life event.  You must make qualified status changes within 31 days of the event for all above changes except part-time to full-time status, temporary to full-time status, or eligibility or loss of eligibility through Medicare or Medicaid.  For those listed exceptions you must make qualified status changes within 60 days of the event.  If you do not make changes within the timeframes listed above, you must wait until the next annual enrollment to make changes to your benefits.

You can make changes to your coverage under the medical, dental, vision, flexible spending account plans, and health savings account plan during the year as a result of a qualifying status change.

You can make changes to your critical illness, life insurance, and long term disability elections.  However, the election will be considered late and is subject to review of medical evidence of insurability (EOI) and approval by the plan underwriter.  EOI is not required for critical illness coverage of $50,000 or below.  If your election requires approval, coverage will be effective upon approval. To enroll or make changes use the “Enroll Now” link.

For more detailed information on enrolling in specific benefits, please visit our Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) located under the Resources tab on the My Benefits site.